The three most in-depth programmes offered by BGST are accredited by the Asia Theological Association:  

         i. Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (GradDipCS)
         ii. Master of Arts in Theology and Integrative Studies (MATIS)
         iii. Master of Divinity (MDiv) 


BGST is recognised by the Ministry of Education as a private school offering religious education. We can accept foreign students for full-time study. While keeping our autonomous status, we are open to a fraternal relationship with other theological schools which share our mission and goals and our theological position. Our Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, Master of Arts in Theology and Integrative Studies, and Master of Divinity are recognised by Regent College (Vancouver) and other reputable theological schools. BGST and Regent College have an established agreement on the transfer of BGST credits to Regent. Please contact the admin office for more details.

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