International Student
A student from outside of Singapore.
International students on a Student Pass are automatically considered as full-time students; they must fulfil a minimum of 15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year.
International Students interested in the Certificate Programmes may only enrol online.

  • English proficiency will be considered for international students
    • TOEFL Required Scores:
      • Paper-based = 550 points
      • Computer-based = 213 points
      • Internet-based = 78 points
    • IELTS Required Score: 6

Assignment Due Dates
For all international students who are on a Student’s Pass, the deadline for submission of assignments is 1 month from the first day of the month following the last lecture. Example: If class ends on June 25, the due date is August 1.

International students may continue to submit assignments no later than the end of the second month, but they will incur a penalty of one third of a grade on the late assignments. Other credit students may also submit their assignments no later than the end of the sixth month, but will incur a similar grade point penalty. After this second deadline (two months for international students, six months for all other students) the course will be converted to Audit automatically.

BGST does not provide any financial assistance or tuition aid for students.  Please note also that the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) DOES NOT allow International students to work in Singapore.

To calculate the estimated cost of your education, we have provided a cost template for your reference. Click here.
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