01. How do I search using Web OPAC?
Ans : Web OPAC has a few search capabilities :

– Click on to the SEARCH icon, three search fields with drop down menu will be provided. This allows you to do 3 Boolean searches with 17 selections in each of them. Always start with the 1st search field.

– The search can be further defined by selecting the information type at the bottom of the page. Note : The keywords in Keywords in Title, Subject, Author field selection should  be from only one of the three fields. To search for keywords across different selections use the other 2 search fields.

– Another way is to use the Browse link on the left frame of the page. It enables you to browse by call no., ISBN no. and ISSN no.

– Finally, you can search for items using the Authority List link on the left frame of the page. It enables you to browse the author authority list, subject authority list and the series authority

02. How to I use the Loan Activities link?
Ans : This feature is for members, students, faculty and staff only. You need to have a library card to proceed. This feature is to enable you :

– to check your loan status such as the title of the items borrowed and the due date.

-to renew your borrowed items.

-to check if the items you booked or reserved are confirmed and available.

-to check the bibliography of items you have saved in your TREASURE CHEST.

03. How do I add my selected items after a search to the Treasure Chest?
Ans : You will need your library card to do this. First select the items you want to add into the chest by using the mouse to click on the square box located on the left of each selected item. Then click on to the Treasure Chest icon. Your library card barcode will be requested and after keying in the required info, your selected items will be in the Treasure Chest?

04. Why am I not able to find anything using EXACT AUTHOR SEARCH?
Ans : EXACT AUTHOR SEARCH is a search for data in the author authority list. The data may include details such as the full name of the author in brackets, the date of birth, the date of death, titles etc. To use this search the user must add the “*” after the author’s surname. If the author’s surname is not known than the user must use KEYWORD AUTHOR SEARCH. The use of “*” also applies to EXACT TITLE SEARCH, EXACT SUBJECT SEARCH AND EXACT SERIES SEARCH.

05. After a search query for an author is completed, why did the software picked up names that is different from the search query?
Ans : When a search query for an author’s name is given, the search engine searches for main author as well as added author field such as editors, photographer, compiler, co-authors, etc. Any given name may be a main author in one title and an editor in another. If the record bibliographic data is displayed the searched name should be in the added author field(s).

06. What is RID?
Ans: RID stands for record identity. It is a unique number created by the software.

07. Where can I find the item number?
Ans: Item number is the barcode found usually in the pages between the cover and the title page.

08. Does the Call number search field searches for call number on the items?
Ans: No, the Call number search field searches for call number as listed on the bibliographical record.

09. How to I renew my library items on the Internet?


10. How can I communicate my suggestion to the library staff?
Ans : You can send an email to the library staff @ lib@bgst.edu.sg or contact us @ 6227-6815.


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