This collection is the largest of all the collections in the library. It consist of print and non-print sections. The print sections will include books and theses. The non-print sections will consist of General audio-tapes, video-tapes, DVD, Mp3, CD-ROM, software, etc.

Loan Policies





First loan

14 days

30 cents / day

No recall.

Second to fifth renewal

14 days / renewal

30 cents / day

Recall will be activated if the item is required by another patron.

Cost For Replacement Of Lost or Damaged Items

$5 administrative charge plus the cost of the replaced item if still available in the book community. A serial offender may be blacklisted and barred from using the library and its facilities.

Note: The above policy serves as guidelines for the library staff to perform their duties. The library staff reserves the right to exercise grace whenever possible.


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