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The BGST collection of biblical artifacts is a teaching collection. It is primarily a teaching tool to enable our students under supervision to see, touch, feel and hold in their hands genuine archaeological remains from biblical times and from these learn about the history, the social and spiritual life of events written in the Bible.

Every effort is made to acquire only the real thing and the description given conforms, we hope, to the best of scholarship on the subject, presented in a way that is pleasing even to the eye of the casual observer. While it is the aim of BGST one day to be part of an archaeological dig and perhaps to bring back artifacts we ourselves have discovered, for the time being we must be satisfied with acquisitions from reliable antiquities dealers in Israel where it is possible to purchase and export certain items.

The initial collection is made possible by the patronage of Mr David Tan Kee Kan, Friend of BGST, and the collection of Biblical artifacts, especially the household clay lamps, was entitled “Light and Eternity” as a fitting memorial dedicated to the memory of June Wee Ghim Kwee, his beloved wife.

(adapted from Light and Eternity: a guidebook by Dr Quek Swee Hwa, for the special exhibition of Biblical artifacts on Jan 30th & 31st, 1993, at Ling Kwang Home: a present to Biblical Graduate School of Theology)