The MDiv degree aims to prepare future pastors and lay leaders for the challenge of ministry in anincreasingly globalised and multi-cultural environment. To this end, students will participate inthe broad-based education developed under the MCS. In addition, they will undertake a widerange of disciplines unique to ministry in the Church, such as biblical language studies (Hebrewand/or Greek), pastoral theology, missions and evangelism, preaching, liturgy and worship, andleadership. The BGST MDiv is unique in two ways. First, each student will be given theopportunity to reflect theologically in the company of both ministry workers and laity. Second,each student will produce an integrative reflection paper on a contemporary issue of one’s choice.

With effect from Aug 2012, the Thesis option is no longer offered for the MDiv.

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Biblical Studies
OT Foundations I and II (OT101 & OT102) 6 credits
NT Foundations I and II (NT101 & NT102) 6 credits
Biblical Hermeneutics & Interpretation (HE101) 3 credits
EITHER: Hebrew Track
Biblical Hebrew I and II (BH111 & BH112) 6 credits
Hebrew Readings & Exegesis I and II (BH211 & BH212) 6 credits
OR: Greek Track
NT Greek I and II (BG111 & BG112) 6 credits
Greek Readings & Exegesis I and II (BG211 & BG212) 6 credits
OR: Introductory Combination Track
NT Greek I and II (BG111 & BG112)
Biblical Hebrew I and II (BH111 & BH112)
Theological Studies
The Christian Faith (TS101) 3 credits
Theological Foundations I and II (TS211 & TS212) 6 credits
Christian Apologetics and Evangelism (TS230) 3 credits
Christian Ethics (TS252) 1.5 credits
Historical Studies
History of Christianity I and II (CH101 & CH102) 6 credits
Christian Education
Learning and the Art of Teaching (CE/ID313) 1.5 credits
Christian Spirituality
Christian Spirituality I: Foundations for Everyday Life (CS101) 1.5 credits
Christian Spirituality II: Practices for Discernment and Discipleship (CS102) 1.5 credits
Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Spirituality: Reading the Spiritual Classics of Christianity (CS211) OR any CS elective 3 credits
Interdisciplinary Studies
Christianity, Culture and Society (ID101) 3 credits
Asian Religions in a Contemporary Age (ID211) 3 credits
Integrative Paper (ID311) 1.5 credits
Marketplace Studies
Vocation, Work and Ministry 1 (MM101A) 1.5 credits
Vocation, Work and Ministry 2 (MM101B) 1.5credits
Christians in the Marketplace: Theology, Spirituality and Practice (MM201) 3 credits
Applied Theology
Pastoral Theology (CM101) 3 credits
Any Course on Worship and/or Liturgy 1.5 credits
Any Homilectics Course 3 credits
Field Education (AT331/332) 3 credits (non-graded)
Basics of Christian Counselling (CO101) 3 credits
Missions Studies
The Churchs Mission in Asia: Contemporary Challenges and Issues (ME101) 1.5 credits
82.5 credits
7.5 credits


90 credits


It is likely that students (Program and non-Program) studying with BGST prior to Jul 2012 have followed the AY2011 MDiv syllabus in their selection of courses. Such students will have the option of abiding by the AY2011 MDiv syllabus instead. In this case, the MDiv thesis option remains available for them.

* CS101 must be taken before OR concurrently with CS102.


  1. The entrance qualification is an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) and completion of the Grad DipCS (or equivalent) with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0 at the graduate level. English Proficiency will also be a consideration for both local and international students.
  2. Applicants who have an undergraduate degree in biblical or theological studies may be able to transfer credits from their previous course work. Applicants should be made in writing to the Registrar, and must be accompanied by the relevant transcripts and other documentation.
  3. Applicants may enroll on a full-time or a part-time basis. All foreign students must register a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester.
  4. Students who have completed the MCS may if they wish proceed to the MDiv. All 60 credits from the MCS may in principle be counted towards the MDiv. This permission is subject to the following condition:
    If a MCS thesis/research project (6 credits) have been completed, this and any guided study or seminar work done in preparation for the MCS thesis/research project will be counted as equivalent to 3 credits’ worth of electives under the MDiv programme.


To be eligible for graduation, a student must:

  1. Complete 90 credits.
  2. Attain a Grade Point Average 3.0.
  3. Submit a completed Application for Graduation form to the Registrar’s Office by the end of March.
  4. Have no outstanding payments to BGST.


The maximum period of time for the completion of the Master of Divinity is 8 years.


The course fees for 1.5 credit and 3 credit courses are $225 and $450 respectively.


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