Reinstatement Fee

Reinstatement Fee
What is Course Reinstatement?
A student who wishes to be re-admitted into a core course* for the sole purpose of submitting their coursework or assignments for grading can apply for Course Reinstatement. It is applicable only for students who have previously taken a core course on credit which remains ungraded due to non- or incomplete submission of course assignments by the respective assignment deadline(s) given. Please note that the maximum grade for any course that has been reinstated is B plus.

Course Reinstatement Fee

A Course Reinstatement Fee is the difference in fees between an audit and credit course at the time of application for Course Reinstatement. For example, currently, the fee for a 3-credit course is $450 taken for credit, and $240 for audit. In this case, the Course Reinstatement Fee is $210.

Can I retake my test(s) or re-submit assignments previously completed and graded?
Under this Course Reinstatement, you are only allowed to do the tests previously not done and/or submit assignments previously not handed in for grading.

Please contact BGST Admin office at 6227-6815 if you have questions regarding this scheme or the fee.

* Core course refers to all the core courses in the Grad DipCS, MCS and MDiv programmes.

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