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2 January 2001

Dear Friends,

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!
The first pleasant task of the year is to extend a very warm welcome to Dr. and Mrs. J W Maris to Singapore and specially to BGST! We pray that you will have a very blessed time here. 

The second just as pleasant task is to welcome Dr. and Mrs. Quek back from their sabbatical leave. We look forward to hearing from Dr. Quek at chapel this Wednesday at 12 noon.
A third pleasant task? Hello, everybody! Welcome to walk together through this new year. 

We trust that in 2001 MMM will continue to be a blessing and inspiration to you. Your feedback will help us make this news-sheet relevant and meaningful to you, dear readers. We do not want to be just disseminating facts although that is vital. MMM seeks to bring each week some encouraging bits.

Now for some business. You may say that theology is not your cup of tea. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘theology’ as "formal study of the nature of God and of the foundations of religious belief". As a child of God, do we not want to study the Word of God to know Him better? This can be formal or informal study and the two are complementary. Would you like to start this year with a theology course?

Dr. J W Maris is here to take us through two: a study of the doctrine of The Holy Spirit, and a course on the doctrine of Man.

You will meet six times for the first course which carries 3 credits and four times for the second 1.5-credit course. 

Knowing the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit will help us to align our lives with God’s way and knowing who we are in the sight of God will liberate us to let Him work in and through our lives. Do consider at least one of these courses as it is rare that we are able to invite someone who is an authority in such studies. Registration is still open so give us a call. Alternatively you can check out the course descriptions on the web at and register on-line. Inquiries by phone are welcome too.

To make it easier for all to attend the intensive courses by Dr. Maris, the other courses have been suspended and they will not begin till the last week of January. Please take note!

Monday 29th January
Acts - The Growing Church with Dr. Quek
Art of Critical Analysis with Dr. Satterthwaite
Wednesday 31 January
Biblical Hebrew I (video class) with Rev. Calvin Chong as facilitator
Biblical Hermeneutics and Interpretation (video class) with Dr. Satterthwaite as facilitator
 Thursday 1 February
Appreciating Adults Learning with Dr. Moira Lee
 Friday 2 February 
Old Testament Foundations II with Dr. Satterthwaite
 Saturday 3 February
New Testament Greek I (video class) with Dr. Quek
Greek Exegesis I (video class) with Dr. Quek
 Tuesday 6 February 
Homiletics with Rev. Edmund Chan

What is your study pleasure?


Twenty of us left by coach for historic Malacca on 27th Dec. for our historic staff retreat. It was historic because this was the first time that Dr. and Mrs. Satterthwaite were able to join us and it was the longest we have been away. We did miss our Dean but he had another trip to make. The consensus seemed to be that it was a very good get-away (from what???) with opportunities to get to know the family members (all agreed - that was important!). The two youngest, Serene’s Chui Min and Kok Weng’s Ruth were the toddling stars and self-appointed entertainers. Malacca has something for everyone whether it be historic sites or eating / shopping / sleeping. There was much good-natured bantering among us and the usual wish that it was l-o-n-g-e-r. If the objective was to get to know what colleagues with their hair let down were like, then we can say ‘mission accomplished’. Perhaps some time set aside for sharing would have been appropriate. We thank our Heavenly Father for this refreshing time together.

Birthday Stars: 

Three persons are celebrating today!
Rev. Lai Zhun Dao 2/1
Dr. Sally Wong 2/1
Mr. Victor Wee 2/1
and to 
Mrs. Sharon Quek 3/1
Dr. Timothy Lee 4/1

Happy Birthday to each of you and may God bless you with a wonderful year!

Kok Weng’s New Year gift to you are these 39 newly catalogued books! We thank God for the library team and their faithful labour. 

21 great scientists who believed the Bible
Adolescent struggle for selfhood and identity
Boundaries with kids
Church planting at the end of the twentieth century
Covenant and commitments: faith, family, and economic life
Cultural change and biblical faith
Eschatology, messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Favourite Psalms
Footprints of God: a narrative theology of mission
Go and make disciples!: an introduction to Christian missions
God of the empty-handed: poverty, power and the kingdom of God
God of the poor
'Hell': a hard look at a hard question: the fate of the unrighteous in New Testament thought
Joy unspeakable: power and renewal in the Holy Spirit
Marching to a different drummer: rediscovering missions in an age of affluence and self-interest
Marriage on the mend
Religion in the Dead Sea scrolls
Rethinking the future: rethinking business, principles, competition, control and complexity, leadership, markets and the world
Revolution in world missions
Run with a vision 
Serving the people of God
Sexually exploited children: working to protect and heal
Single: the Jesus model
So I send you: a study guide to mission 
Society and the holy in the late antiquity
Spiritual power and missions: raising the issues
Stand in the gap: how to get ready for the coming world revival
Street children: a guide to effective ministry
Submitting to God: introducing Islam
The church is bigger than you think: the unfinished work of world evangelisation 
The discerning reader: Christian perspectives on literature and theory
The gospel to the nations
The hippo in the garden
The liberating gospel in China: the Christian faith among China's minority peoples
The rebellious house: American history and the truth of Christianity
The triumph of Abraham's God
Theism, Atheism and big bang cosmology
To stake a claim: mission and the Western crisis of knowledge 
Valuing people
This list is also available @ items.htm

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