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18 December 2000


Andrew Lee was almost Ďnostalgicí at chapel last week! Andrew begins full-time ministry in the new year when he returns from family vacation abroad. Up till now, he has been serving only half-time while completing his studies. Do pray for him as he finishes his thesis.
He began chapel with a poem written by a naughty someone who wrote a parody called Backward Christian Soldiers the chorus of which goes like this:
"Backward Christian soldiers, fleeing from the fight with the cross of Jesus nearly out of sight."
Is that the picture of Christians in Singapore today? Why is there so little advance? 
Two reasons were given.
  1. We, like Israel in the Old Testament era, lose focus on God, look at self and then at others. When we look at others instead of looking at God, life becomes a case of grasshoppers and giants.
  2. When we focus on problems we lose sight of possibilities. "Very difficult" can cause us to end up with a low view of God. E. Stanley Jones wrote: My life in my hand is pain and problems; my life in Godís hand is power and possibilities.
As Andrew enters more fully into the setting up of various ministries to the community in the new year, he sees possibilities in every direction. He needs wisdom in strategising outreach efforts and community service to children, youth, adults and senior adults. If you want the details, listen to the tape. So the exhortation to us was to look at God and focus on possibilities.
We concluded with Psalm 90 using verse 17 as our prayer:
May the favour of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us ó yes, establish the work of our hands. Amen

This Wednesday is Christmas in BGST! Are you planning to come? Give a call so that we will have enough mi-fen, fried by Faith, (no pun intended) for you! And if you have this great strong desire to contribute a food item, I am sure Kok Wee will happily, gladly, hear from you. (3538071)
The programme will focus on the two comings of our Lord Jesus. So come and worship Christ the Lord together with us. 


  • Advance Notice

  • BGST will be closed on 25th December for Christmas, 27th for public holiday, & from 28th to 29th for a staff retreat in Malacca. So the School office and library will be open for your use only on 26th & 30th Dec. Since 31st is a Sunday and 1st Jan is New Yearís Day, we will reopen next year on 2nd Jan 2001.
  • Away from office ... 

  • Lee Pin will be away for holiday from 18 to 26 Dec. Because of the staff retreat & public holidays, she will return to work only next year!
  • Who is Faith?

  • Hi! My name is Faith which means I have the everlasting faith in the Lord. Amen! I joined the team in BGST in November to serve God together! I attend Cornerstone Community Church and I serve as a tambourina in the church worship. It is my hope that I may get a chance to dance for the school one day. Before joining BGST I served with the Singapore Armed Forces for three years. 
    I look forward to serve the Lord every day as He is our Father in heaven. So letís serve the Lord joyfully and rejoice in service. The Lord is good. (Faith Phua)
    Welcome, Faith, to the team of Godís servants!
  • Congratulations to Beh Soo Yeong and his family. God has added a princess in the person of Priscilla Beh Su En born on 17th November. Godís blessings on you all. 
  • Happy Birthday to

  • Ms Elaine Ng 18/12
    Mr. Chua Mun Kiong 19/12
    Miss April Sim 19/12
    Miss Jessie Teo 21/12
    Miss Tai Moh Han 21/12
    Mr. Tan Keok Hai 23/12
    Mr. Richard Song 23/12
    Dr. Chan Shaw Yan 24/12
    Mr. Beh Soo Yeong 24/12
    Mr. Lim Choon Haw 24/12

Food for Thought ...

Here is a piece that I have wanted to share with you for a while but did not have the opportunity to. With our thoughts centred on Christ and his incarnation, this may be a good time. It is a translated Chinese poem taken from a book by Viv Grigg, Companion to the Poor.

Go to the people 
Live among them
Learn from them 
Start with what they know
Build on what they have 
But of the best of leaders
When their task is accomplished
Their work is done 
The people all remark
"We have done it ourselves".

Read it again and think of what it means to us today in our so-called service to the Lord. Can we serve so selflessly, so invisibly, so totally for Godís glory only? Isnít that what Christmas is about?

From the desk of Dr Moira Lee ... academic planning & development

A spread of 20 courses have been lined up for Semester One. Take time to consider your study commitment for 2001. In particular, please pass the word around about the January overseas guest lecturer Dr Hans Marisí two courses (The Holy Spirit - Lord & Giver of Life; and Man - Created in the Image of God). The publicity brochures for these two courses are available. 

In response to several inquiries about the dates for Prof Marva Dawnís courses in April, here are some details: Cyberspace Stress, Sabbath & Serenity: Sun, 1; Mon, 2; Tue, 3 & Thur, 5 April (7-10pm); Rethinking Worship for the New Millennium: Friday, 6 April (9.30am-5.30pm) & Saturday, 7 April (9.30am-5.30pm).

A Farewell Note:

I trust you have heard that Iíll be leaving full-time employment with BGST at the end of the year (however, my last day in the office will be Tue, 19 Dec). I thank God for the opportunity of serving with BGST for the past two-and-a-half years. 

Itís been encouraging receiving various responses about my "new move into an expanding ministry at the polytechnic" and "the new venture into the marketplace of educational training & development at Temasek Polytechnic" (emails from BGST friends). I am looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in professional teacher development. 

My links with theological education continue through part-time involvement at BGST and SBC. Iím glad for the invitation by BGST Council to continue teaching the Christian education courses and to tutor the applied theology private study courses (taught by Dr Tan Siang Yang, Rev David Wong, Prof Paul Stevens & Prof Brian Hill). Let me close by expressing once again my thanks to the BGST community for the privilege of serving and growing together. 

Some Reminders ...

  • Continue to pray for those who are still travelling or vacationing abroad. Pray for Dr. and Mrs. Quek too.
  • Plan out what you need from the office and library and get them done on the open days.
  • This week you will receive a FAM since the following Monday is Christmas Day. Look out for Mickey Chiangís Christmas Dreaming.
  • Are you interested in how to relate and witness to colleagues in a cross-cultural context? TENT will begin the next module on Personal Ministries Skills on 2nd January (4 Tuesdays) at 7 p.m. in room 302. Walter Edman and I will gladly give you more details. Or visit the website at
  • Call / fax / e-mail to let us know if you are coming for Christmas in BGST this Wednesday. Do try to come for this once-a-year celebration!

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