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Announcements for Programme Revisions and Course Fees
Sat | 29 April, 2023

April 29, 2023

Equipping Christians as Ambassadors for Christ in Marketplaces

In our aspiration that all Christians become effective ambassadors for Christ in the marketplaces, BGST’s integrative lifelong learning pathway equips Christians to constantly broaden and deepen their theological, spiritual and ministry formation. 

The following are some of the revisions.
  • Incorporation of Spiritual Formation, Integrative Studies, and Marketplace Ministry reflections into every BGST course since AY2022 Semester 1, to encourage integrative learning.
  • Weaving of integrative learning into our curriculum. All BGST programmes will incorporate Marketplace Ministry (MM) and Integrative Studies (IS) learning pathways to help our students explore how the Gospel matters in these different spheres. These reflections will broaden as our students’ progress from the Graduate Certificate to Master level programmes, extending from how the Gospel transforms our personal lives to how it affects our workplaces, industries, and the societies we live in.


Marketplace Formation Focus

MM Courses

IS Courses

Graduate Certificate


Discerning Your Life
[MM100, 1.5 credits] 

Everyday Christianity
[IS100, 1.5 credits]



Discerning Your Work
[MM101, 1.5 credits] 

Christianity, Culture and Society 
(IS101, 3 credits)


Industry / Society

Marketplace Integration Seminar 
[MM211, 3 credits]

Asian Religions Seminar 
[IS211, 3 credits]

Ethical Issues in Asia
[IS253, 1.5 credits]

IS Elective
[1.5 credits]

  • A broader range of ministry skills ranging from preaching and teaching to spiritual mentoring, coaching and leadership will be required from the GDCS onwards, to help Christians engage others effectively. These One-to-one mentoring will be introduced to help students personalise and apply their learning.
  • Graduate Certificates course credits requirements will be increased from 12 to 15 credits from AY2023. This new curriculum will be applicable for students applying from 1 June 2023. Students in existing Graduate Certificate programmes can opt to switch to this new curriculum.
  • Selected ENGAGE certificates and modules will be benchmarked by our accreditation standards and accepted for credit transfer to our postgraduate programmes.
See BGST’s AY2023 Prospectus for more details on the above revisions.

Increase in Course and Programme Fees from AY2023 Onwards

To serve our students better through the above developments, and to adjust for inflation, BGST’s school fees for courses and programmes shall be revised to the following:

Course Fees

No. of Credits

Credit Course Fees

Audit Course Fees







Programme Fees


No. of Credits


Graduate Certificate in
Biblical Studies (GCBS)
15 S$ 3,600
Graduate Certificate in
Theological Studies (GCTS)
15 S$ 3,600
Graduate Certificate in
Spiritual Formation (GCSF)
15 S$ 3,600
Graduate Diploma in
Christian Studies (GDCS)
30 S$ 6,600
Diploma in 
Theological Studies (DipTS)
37 S$ 8,100
Master of Arts in Theology and
Interdisciplinary Studies (MATIS)
60 $12,600
or $14,000 (incl. ENGAGE Leadership Certificate)
Master of Divinity (MDiv) 90 S$ 20,000
(incl. ENGAGE Leadership Certificate)

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