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Theology for Life in 2021
Mon | 7 December, 2020

Many concerns that we face today require a multi-faceted response, across various disciplines. By approaching issues in this way, Christians will not only have a fuller and more complete understanding of the issues, we can also shed the light of God’s word there. This series, “Theology for Life” aims to not only equip Christians individually and corporately, to be able to live life well and fully, embracing all the complexities and challenges, but also equip us to give life to others and society.

In 2021, BGST presents these lectures and discussions, which will both explore a variety of subjects, and encourage deep Christian theological reflection so as to enable us to respond and act well, in order for Christians to be salt and light in society. For each topic, there will be a speaker, and a respondent who will root the subject in the local context. All lectures will be conducted virtually with a live Q&A segment where possible. Do look out for more publicity early next year on the Theology for Life (TFL) Lecture Series.

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