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Mon | 17 May, 2021

Due to the Heightened Alert Covid-19 Restrictions, do note the following:
For Book Returns
1) Do drop us a line at or call us when you would be coming. 
2) Use the book drop to return items at your convenience. Call us for the combination lock number
3) Sanitise your hands before handling the lock.
4) Place the books in the cabinet. 
5) Re-loop the chain through the handles and scramble the combination lock when you are done.

For Book Loans
1. If you wish to browse the library, please let us know when you would be coming
2. If you know which books you want, email the list together with the call number 
2. We will pick out the books and leave them in the book drop for you to collect at your convenience
3. We will inform you of the combination number of the lock
4. Do sanitise your hands before unlocking the cabinet, and to remember to scramble the combination when you are done.

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