New Testament Foundations II

NT102, 3 CREDITS [CBS, GradCS, MCS & MDiv Core]



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About the Course

NT102 is the sequel to NT101 and both are foundational to the study of the NT at BGST. NT102 covers the Epistles and Revelation. This course is a general survey of the message of the NT books, their relationships to each other, introductory issues (author, date, occasion,content,etc.),and factors in the first century(e.g. history and religions) that influenced the life and ministry of the early church.

Course Objectives

  1. To be familiar with the historical setting, occasion, literary genre, and purpose of the NT books.
  2. To examine the basic theological arguments in each of the epistles and Revelation.
  3. To apply principles within the NT books to the church’s life today.

Academic Information

Course Texts:

  1. Read Pauline & General Epistles & Revelation.
  2. Travis. S, Marshall, I.H., and Paul, I., Exploring the New Testament II (SPCK, 2002)


  1. Read all relevant NT epistles. [10%]
  2. A theological or an exegetical study of the assigned four Bible passages [20%]
  3. Three Reading reports based on your reading of the Epistles and Revelation. [30%]
  4. Written essay or Creative Project [40%].