Understanding Galatians

NT312, 1.5 CREDITS [Biblical Studies Elective]



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About the Course …

Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians holds an important place in the history of Protestantism. After all, this was the document that caused a Copernican revolution in Luther’s thinking, whose subsequent commentary of the letter transformed the life of the Church.

This letter is also important because it comes from the beginning of the Christian movement. We are witnessing fundamental features of Christian theology taking shape. This course examines the nature of the Gospel and the sort of pattern of life Christians ought to embrace in the light of that Gospel. Not least, the letter also raises question about the basis of unity in Christ and how issues of diversity ought to be handled.

The course is an analytical and expository study of Galatians, revealing the core of Paul’s thought and its implication for the present church’s life. We shall give special attention to issues such as Paul and his apostleship, his understanding of the law and faith, justification, ethnicity, and the role of the Spirit in the modern Christian ethic.

Course Objectives

  1. To define the historical setting, occasion, and purpose of Galatians.
  2. To examine basic theological issues such as law, justification, faith, adoption, and Holy Spirit.
  3. To apply principles within Galatians to the church’s proclamation and life today.

Academic Information


  1. Read Galatians (NRSV, NASB, NIV) & required course texts (to be indicated in a statement in the final exam paper) (10%);
  2. One course paper [40%];
  3. Final Exam [50%].