Mrs Priscilla Chua

Priscilla worked as a Nurse until she joined full-time pastoral ministry in 2003. She is currently serving as a pastoral staff with St Andrew’s Cathedral. She believes that contemplative practices are transformational and is passionate in sharing them through conversation and spiritual direction. She is married to Jeffrey and they have a 27-year-old son. Since joining SAC in 2016, she started the Contemplative Spiritual Ministry. She leads a weekly meditation room, facilitates monthly retreats, and leads individual and groups retreats. She provides counselling for married and pre-marriage couples and is an accredited PrepareEnrich Relationship Assessment facilitator. She is also the point leader of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship courses. She received her Bachelor’s in Divinity from Trinity Theological College, Singapore, Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Edith Cowen University, WA and Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction from Dayspring Christian Counselling and Spirituality Centre, Western Australia. Her other interests are in wisdom of Dessert Fathers and Mothers, Anglican and Benedictine Spirituality, and the Enneagram and personality types.

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