Focus on the laity. We are not a traditional theological school. We offer a theological training suitable for the whole people of God. Our desire is to equip Christians in all walks of life so that they may live more effectively for God.

Doctrinal soundness. We are aware of the dangers facing the church today when theological study is removed from its biblical moorings. We seek to be faithful to the teaching of the Holy Scriptures as stated in our Theological Position.

An appropriate training. BGST students are typically working adults with some experience of life. With the needs of such people in mind we aim to provide teaching that will be both academically rigorous and practically useful.

A wide choice. Whether they choose to pursue one of our programmes or to take individual courses, students are offered training in a wide range of theological disciplines, and considerable freedom in pursuing matters of interest to them.

Flexibility. Students can begin course work at any time and study at their own pace. Many courses can be taken for private study and pursued in the comfort of one’s own home!

Personal attention. We value students as individuals and try, where possible, to provide them personal attention during their training.

Our Logo

The Cross is central to all that we do at BGST.

The Window looks out into the world, representing the formation of a biblical worldview at BGST.

The Open Bible signifies the revealed Word of God expounded through the training given at BGST. It undergirds the whole structure just as the Scriptures form the foundation of what we believe and teach at BGST.

The Blue Colour represents freshness and life which comes from a faithful and diligent study of God’s Word as it is practised completelyin our life.