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BGST has an extensive multimedia collection, primarily in digital format. We believe access to and appropriate use of quality library resources is critical for academic research and enhancing the learning of our students. Hence, BGST’s Library membership is mandatory for students enrolling in our Postgraduate programmes and credit courses. This is optional for audit students. Visitors interested in studying with us are warmly invited to become part of the BGST Community.

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Library Information and Policies

Library Opening Hours

Mondays – Fridays:
10:00–12:00; 13:00–16:00 hrs

except Wednesdays:
10:00–11:00; 13:00–16:00 hrs

After hour service: Patrons may leave their books in the return cabinet when the office is closed.
Please contact resources@bgst.edu.sg to arrange in advance

Collection Policies

  1. This catalogue contains our collection of 15,000 physical books. All volumes are current housed in compactor shelves on Level 1.  All shelved items are available for loan except for those located in the reference collection.
  2. Loan Policy
    Loan Limit: 20 books
  3. Loan



    1st  Loan 

    14 Days 

    No recall.

    2nd to 5th renewal 

    14 Days 

    Recall will be activated if the item is required by another patron. 

  4. Overdue and damage fees:  
    • Overdue Fees: 30 cents/day per item
    • Lost/Damaged Fees: Replacement charges and a $10 processing fee will be issued for lost or broken materials, highlighted or otherwise defaced books, water damage, failure to return materials, etc. 

Kindly note that an individual who damages multiple items may no longer be allowed to use the library and its facilities. 

    1. This collection consists of predominantly eBooks and audiobooks curated from the book list of foundational courses.
    2. Loan Policy

      Loan Limit: 5 books




1st Loan

7 Days

Automatic expiration.

  1. There are no overdue fines as books loan items will automatically expire. You may return the books earlier to borrow new ones, or request to be included in the hold list for loaned out books. 
  2. You may also download the Libby app (not to be confused with Libib) to borrow, read, and listen to audiobooks  through your devices.
  1. Since July 1, 2019, BGST has become a co-owner of the Digital Theological Library, which provides predominantly religious and theological e-content. 
  2. Available collections range from of whole books or selected chapters that are permanently downloadable as PDF files, eBook loans that auto-expire, online reading, and other formats.
  3. For many older and important monographs not available in digital format, DTL provides non-downloadable, read-only PDF scanned copies through Controlled Digital Lending.
  4. Many journal articles on DTL are freely downloadable digitally and printable in PDF format.
  5. For written instructions and video tutorials on how use DTL, please visit this page. To further assist in your research, there are also helpful subject guides and alphabetically listed searchable databases.

Please take note of the DTL policy on downloading e-materials:

  1. No software should be used to automate mass downloading of content from the Digital Theological Library
  2. If an account attempts to download 2GB (approximately 500 e-books) in 60 minutes or less, that account holder should be warned that further misuse will result in their DTL access being permanently revoked.

Library Membership

The Library Fee provides borrowing access to more than 1.5 million books in our digital and physical libraries. It is applicable to both programme and credit students, and optional for audit students.

It is renewable every July 1st of the new academic year.

The Library Membership Fee of $150 is an annual subscription access to:

  • Digital Theological Library (DTL) – access to 600K digital books, 60 million articles
  • Overdrive Digital Library (ODL) – access to around 600 e-books and a few audiobooks
  • Print Library at BGST (Libib) – access to around 15,000 physical books.
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