[Past Event] ChristianX 2019: The Church in a Digital World

Conference [Past Event] ChristianX 2019: The Church in a Digital World
18-19 October 2019

The world today is being profoundly disrupted and transformed. Digital technologies such as AI, machine learning, cybernetics, blockchain and augmented/ virtual realities are powerful shaping forces in civilization and culture, even challenging the very idea of the human being. How do we follow and serve Christ in this new age? Is the Church ready at all for the future that is already upon us?

Who should attend?
Kingdom leaders and cultural stewards (including parents, educators, pastors and business executives) in every sphere that God has called and placed you to serve.

Topics at a glance

Day 1

Day 2

The Digital World

What are the latest digital technology trends and their impact on the Church and Christian life?

Being a Christian in a Digital World

  • Christian Identity and Relationship with God: the Human Person Beyond AI

Does technology affect our identity and relationship with God? With machines increasingly taking on human attributes, what does it mean to be a human being? How do we recognise ourselves made in the image of God?

  • Spiritual Formation & Discipleship in a Digital World

People are not merely lines of code. How do we temper the ill effects of technology with spiritual formation and discipleship? Can technology help here?

  • Digital Natives and Social Media

How is social media impacting the digital natives? What are the addictions, alienations and ways of being of those who live at the speed of light?

  • Hearing from the Next Generation

What are some struggles the next generation face with digital technology? How is the next generation using digital technology in ministry?

The Digitization of Singapore

Singapore aspires to be a ‘Smart Nation’ and a global leader in digital transformation. There are many attendant challenges and opportunities for society; so too for the Church, especially in the areas of pastoring, discipleship, witness and service.

Being Church in a Digital World 

In this two-part series, best practices are shared from around the world on how the Church could address emerging technology trends, with a special focus on Singapore and the region. 

Apologetics in a Digital Age/Contemporary Culture

Technology has opened up channels for spiritual conversations in digital spaces. How do we proclaim or defend our faith in this brave new world? 

Conference dates and timings

18 October 2019 (Fri), 9am to 9pm
19 October 2019 (Sat), 9am to 5pm
Two tea breaks and lunch provided on each day.

Conference fees
Both days - S$80
Sat session only - S$50

Special price: for full-time students (undergraduate level and below), NSFs, and members of sponsoring churches)
Both days - S$50
Sat session only - S$30

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This event is brought to you by BGST, Bethesda (Katong) Church, CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology, and INDIGITOUS.

Location: Bethesda (Katong) Church , 17 Pennefather Rd, Singapore 424441
Lecturer : Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee is a pilgrim poet-writer, pastor and regulatory/ ethics lawyer. He is acknowledged to have played a key part in the late 1990s renaissance of Singapore poetry. He has authored several prize-winning poetry collections. He is regularly invited to speak and lead workshops at literary festivals and conferences around the world. Lee sang in choirs for over 20 years and co-founded Agapella, a contemporary Christian music vocal band. In recent years he has enjoyed collaborating with acclaimed music composer Dr Kelly Tang as a lyricist. In 2014, Lee and his wife the artist Namiko Chan Takahashi, co-founded the Laniakea Culture Collective. They love to help people discover and pursue their calling to a creative life.

Lecturer : Anthony Siow

Manager, Centre for Spiritual Formation

Anthony Siow is a Spiritual Director trained in the Ignatian tradition at the Sentir Graduate College of Spiritual Formation (later the Jesuit College of Spirituality) under the University of Divinity in Australia. Like Peter, Anthony left behind a fulfilling advertising career to follow God’s call to cast the net elsewhere. So Anthony channelled his creativity and love for the arts into his ministry, SEE.K, where his work as Spiritual and Retreat Director helps Christians find God in music, dance, drama, film and other creative ways of encountering God. In this way, Anthony hopes to reclaim those so-called secular spaces back for God, who can be found in all things. Anthony also regularly leads silent retreats here and overseas.

Anthony’s ecumenical vision for his ministry has attracted Christians from different faith traditions to its programs, where they share space and sacred story as one community. This extends to his work as a spiritual mentor and adjunct lecturer at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST) since 2018.

Anthony’s work and collaboration with BGST has grown from strength to strength. As a certified Giver of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, Anthony has served as a mentor for students in a module on spiritual formation, and as Retreat Director in an executive certificate course for leaders. This has helped students and leaders grow in their spiritual lives, integrating their faith into their lived experiences. Many students have continued to journey with Anthony beyond their courses.

Anthony believes his work and interactions with the school has been God’s way of preparing him for the role of Centre Manager for the Centre for Spiritual Formation.

Anthony feels blessed, grateful and honoured to embrace this further calling.
Lecturer : Carol Loi

Carol Loi is the International Director of Generations of Virtue, a ministry committed to teaching sexual wholeness and integrity, and equipping families to transform culture. She graduated as a Colson Fellow of the Colson Centre, trained to conduct worldview education. She also runs a consultancy and training company that provides digital literacy education as well as family education. She is a member of the John Maxwell Team that provides leadership and communication training. She served in the public service for over two decades, including the Ministry of Education and the Economic Development Board. She has a Masters in Business Administration, specialising in technology and human capital management, from the Nanyang Technological University. She and her husband are raising two amazing teenagers.

Lecturer : Edric Sng

Edric Sng is the founder and Editor of Saltandlight.sg and Thir.st, faith-based websites for digital discipleship and outreach to a digital generation. He previously built and ran the digital newsrooms at Mediacorp's Channel NewsAsia and the TODAY newspaper. He was also the editor of a scuba diving magazine. Edric is a father to four, and a husband to one.

Lecturer : Jiow Hee Jhee

Dr Jiow has lectured and trained over 40,000 students, parents, government officials and leaders on new media topics, both locally and internationally. His research delves into the impact of media on the family, cyber wellness and cybercrime, and he has presented academic papers on cybercrime, parental mediation and video gaming. Dr Jiow currently serves as a member of the Media Literacy Council (IMDA) and Films Consultative Panel (IMDA). He is married to Gladys, a teacher, and they have four children.

Lecturer : Jonas Kurlberg

Jonas is Programme Manager of the MA in Digital Theology at CODEC, University of Durham. Jonas received his PhD from the University of Bergen and was most recently a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Edinburgh. His research interests fall broadly within public theology and the nexus between Christianity, church and society.

Lecturer : Khoo Teng Cheong

Teng Cheong (T C) currently serves as Chairman of the Council for Bethesda Katong Church. He is also a member of the board of directors at St Luke’s Community Hospital. Prior to his retirement in March 2018, T C enjoyed a 30 year career in banking and finance with Citigroup and DBS Bank spanning 4 countries. He has worked in a wide range of interesting roles, including being Head of Strategy with DBS Bank where he helped to drive the strategic transformation of the bank to become one of the world’s leading digital banks. T C has a Masters of Divinity from St Andrews University and his first degree was a BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance from Loughborough University. He is married with one adult daughter who is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in the UK.

Lecturer : Lai Pak Wah

Principal and Lecturer, Church History and Marketplace Theology

Pak-Wah is BGST’s Principal and Lecturer of Church History and Historical Theology. He also serves as an elder at Mt Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church where he worships and oversees the church’s Hybrid Church Initiative. His interest is the very heart of BGST’s mission: which is to help Christians make sense of their faith at work, church and society. Previously, Pak Wah engaged in investment promotion work with the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) and was a full-time lecturer at the School of Business, Singapore Polytechnic. He is the author of The Dao of Healing: Christian Perspective of Chinese Medicine, and a certified Belbin coach. Pak-Wah holds a PhD from Durham University, UK. He enjoys engaging in Chinese culture and playing the cello.

Lecturer : Pete Phillips

PhD, MA (Biblical Studies), BA (Latin and Greek), Research Fellow in Digital Theology in the Department of Theology and Religion. Director, CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology of St John's College.

Pete Phillips is Director of the CODEC Research Centre. With a PhD in John’s Gospel and many years’ experience of teaching/researching the New Testament, Pete now explores the interface between all things digital and theological! Key areas of interest include: (1) Bible in the Digital Age (2) Human adaption/transhumanism/imago dei research, (3) AI - and its use both as machine reading of texts and the more revolutionary general AI - authentic machine intelligence (4) Digital Humanities and its intersection with Theology in CODEC's research on Digital Theology. During his time at CODEC, Pete has pioneered new ways of exploring Theology among the Digital Humanities and also developed the world's first MA in Digital Theology, hosted with Cranmer Hall's suite of MA programmes.  Pete loves playing with tech, hacking new data, developing new opportunities for research. A lot of Pete’s work takes him outside of Durham – working with the Church of England’s Digital Team, exploring new funding opportunities and speaking at major international conferences.

Lecturer : Shem Yao

Mr Yao Weixiong, Shem, is the Head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Community Services. Since 2008, he has reached out to more than 300,000 youths, parents, educators, counsellors and youth/social workers in schools, corporations and the community. through various school programmes, workshops and platforms. He is passionate in engaging youths and parents on matters pertaining to cyber wellness, media and digital literacy education, and insights to the motivations of gamers.

Lecturer : Simon Seow

|| Digital Strategist, Cru. Co-founder, Indigitous. || Simon Seow cares about bringing the unchanging gospel to a changing generation. God has written this burden into his story through making him a creative who gets energized by ideas, innovations and strategies, and loves seeing lives impacted when the gospel is creatively and clearly communicated. He first experienced this through launching and leading the Creative Communications (music, film, arts, digital) ministry in Cru Singapore. A worship leader and percussionist in his church, he is a co-founder of Indigitous and presently serves as a Digital Strategist with the Global Digital Strategies Vice-President team of Cru in Orlando. He's married and a shepherd of three teens .

Lecturer : Yeong Zee Kin

Senior Civil Servant

Lecturer : Zhen Yuan Lu

Pastor Zhenyuan Lu is a Husband, Father and Music Educator by profession. He served previously as Music Director, Youth Leader and Kids Ministry Director at 3:16 Church. Pastor Zhenyuan now serves the church as Teaching Pastor and leads the Young Adult congregation.

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