General Formatting for All Assignments

a.) Title Page

(Sample of title page)

b.) Running Page Headers

A running page header with the following student information should appear on all pages (except the title page):

c.) Assignment Presentation

Clarity and pleasing appearance are aided by:

  • Leaving reasonable margins.
  • Leaving a one-line gap between paragraphs.
  • Using 1.5 line spacing.
  • Using clear, readable fonts of 12-point size (e.g. Times New Roman or Arial for general usage, and Cardo when Unicode fonts are required for biblical languages).
  • Using footnotes rather than endnotes.
  • Following the Turabian or Chicago Style for all style and formatting of the assignments’ main text, footnotes, and bibliography; and the SBL Handbook of Style for special items of citation unique to biblical studies.
  • Numbering your pages.

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