Personalised to fit your needs
While some BGST students are training for ministry, most are marketplace practitioners. What all of our students have in common is a lack of time, but we believe theological education is too important for time to be a barrier. That is why we are always innovating to make solutions that fit your schedule.

Flexible Learning Solutions

      • Evening and Weekend classes 
      • BGSTOnline -> Take one of a growing number of BGST courses online
      • Blended learning ->Watch or listen to lectures on your own time and use class time for discussion.
      • Part-Time ->There is no need to put any area of life on hold. Simply take one course at a time.

Contextualised and Enriched Christianity

Learn about traditional disciplines - Scripture, traditions, spiritual formation, church history – and contemporary topics – e.g. culture, marketplace, ethics. Equip yourself to live out your faith in all areas of life. 

Student Testimonial
"I would like to thank BGST for allowing me to study the scripture deeper through the CBS program that I took. Even though here, in Japan, is quite difficult for me to do this kind of study, BGST has made it possible through online learning. I must say that I have enjoyed the learning process with BGST and through this process, my knowledge about the scripture has also grown."
Christian Wijaya, CBS Graduate 2020

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