Personalised to fit your needs
While some BGST students are training for ministry, most are marketplace practitioners. What all of our students have in common is a lack of time, but we believe theological education is too important for time to be a barrier. That is why we are always innovating to make solutions that fit your schedule.

Flexible Learning Solutions

      • Evening and Weekend classes 
      • BGSTOnline -> Take one of a growing number of BGST courses online
      • Blended learning ->Watch or listen to lectures on your own time and use class time for discussion.
      • Part-Time ->There is no need to put any area of life on hold. Simply take one course at a time.

Contextualised and Enriched Christianity

Learn about traditional disciplines - Scripture, traditions, spiritual formation, church history – and contemporary topics – e.g. culture, marketplace, ethics. Equip yourself to live out your faith in all areas of life. 

Student Testimonial

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